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  • API Smooth Clay With User-defined J.
  • Sand (Reese | API).
  • Liquified sand (Rollins | Hybrid Model).
  • Silt (Cemented c-П†).
  • Stiff Clay with or without free-water (Reese).
  • Modified Stiff Clay without free-water.
  • Poor rock (Reese).
  • Strong stone (Vuggy Limestone).
  • Significant Rock.
  • Piedmont Residual.
  • Loess.
  • Elastic Subgrade.
  • User-input curves that are p-y.
  • Pile Sections

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    The consumer may determine as much as 10 stack sections with nonlinear bending properties. This enables a designer to look at results from state cutting down an element of the steel that is reinforcing the low parts of a drilled shaft. Big selection of integrated and cross that is configurable (variable with level as necessary) such as for instance:

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  • Rectangular Concrete
  • Round concrete shaft with or without casing
  • AISC Steel part from built-in collection
  • User-defined bending section that is nonlinear
  • Metal Pipe
  • Elatic area with certain minute capacity
  • Metal H Section (strong or axis that is weak
  • Round or Square prestressed tangible with or without void
  • Octagonal prestressed tangible with or without void
  • Piles Design Optimization

    Model heaps as either straight or battered and consider sloping ground areas by adjusting interior modification facets. Continue reading