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Spam Sent by Necurs Botnet Is attempting & Succeeding in Altering Stock marketplace rates

Catalin Cimpanu

The Necurs botnet is back and active once more, but instead of spreading the Locky ransomware or the Dridex banking trojan, its operators are engaged in a spam scheme that attempts to improve an organization’s stock exchange price artificially.

This specific spam scheme includes a unique title into the infosec industry, which can be “pump&dump.” The concept behind pump&dump schemes would be to deliver massive amounts of spam that attempt to convince users in purchasing shares for the company that is particular.

As users flock to obtain the company’s stock, the price surges. When Necurs spam has reached a share that is desired value, the Necurs operators, or the people that rented the botnet, sell their stocks during the higher price and make a profit.

This spam scheme has existed since the 90s, and has now primarily targeted alleged stocks that are”penny” securities for little organizations that sell under $5/share, whose prices can be influenced by several a huge selection of new buyers/sellers in a day. Continue reading