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California Man Wins Lottery Twice, NetEnt Shatters Mobile Slots Jackpot Record

California man Rodney Meadows turned a $1,000 lottery win into $10 million, but he isn’t truly the only multimillion-dollar lucky gambler this holiday season.

A California man had been particularly thankful on the Thanksgiving holiday after he won the California scratcher lottery not once but twice in a single day, albeit at extremely different valuations.

On Monday, November 23, just three days before People in the us gathered around tables to count their blessings, Rodney Meadows walked into a Modesto, California, convenience store and purchased several $30 tickets that are scratcher.

After won hit for $1,000, he allow it ride by purchasing three more tickets.

Among those three paid off to the tune of $10,000,000.

One in Three Million Chance

‘I could not believe it,’ Meadows told regional KCRA news. ‘I’d to ask the clerk at the shop in which he said, ‘You better always check it once more.”

Though it is instead common for scratch-off gamblers purchasing additional tickets after winning a nominal value, it’s incredibly rare for someone to strike twice with prizes over $1,000.

In fact, it is been 13 years since anyone has one two jackpots in a 24-hour timespan worth more than Meadows’ take.

The manager of the convenience store said it ‘couldn’t have happened up to a nicer man,’ and that he felt Meadows was eventually planning to win. ‘He plays compulsively everyday,’ Fast Mart Manager Lakhvir Singh Continue reading