Amanda, if i could ask you one question it would be ~
did saloon girls go upstairs with saloon girls and cowboys with cowboys?

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  • John

    I think Amanda Blake was class in Gunsmoke.

  • Jeff

    The absolute most beautiful woman ever.  I have only recently watched the Gunsmoke series and her beauty far exceeds any actress or “star” in film or TV we watch today. I was born 30 years too late.  I missed my dream girl.  No other can compare to her on any level.

  • Ken

    I grew so fond of Amanda blake as I was growing up watching Gunsmoke. I came across some old interviews they had made years ago on talk shows with Amanda Blake. While watching the interviews you kind of forget that she has been gone for so many years. Even though she has left us some time ago I get to see her in reruns of my all time tv show Gunsmoke. God bless to all of Amandas family and she was a great lady.

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