Deb (Dee)

Happy 86th Birthday My Dear Friend!, another year gone by ..
And it is so hard to believe you’ve been gone so long..but Not Forgotten! MISS YOU

  • Gwenyth

    Life is the flower for which love is the honey – Victor Hugo

    you brought beauty to the world and continue to inspire. You left us too soon, but what a wonderful gift you gave us! I’ll always miss you and I treasure the memories of your enormous talent and loving heart.

  • Bruce

    We would have never guessed that there was so much more to Amanda than just being Miss Kitty.  We watch the countless videos on you tube with her and James Arness, that people have posted, and just wonder what the real relationship history was between the two.  Can you help us?

  • Phil

    Amanda was a beautiful woman in all ways and a truly gifted actress that was the glue that held the gunsmoke family together….thanks for the memories amanda

  • Nick T.

    Dear Amanda,
    You are missed but you still shine on and I am so grate full that we still can see You on GUNSMOKE every day. GOD bless You and rest in heavenly peace.You were a true Lady on the screen and off.

  • Jackie

    Dear Amanda,
    You would have been 84 today and I miss you every day.  I watch you every day as Miss Kitty and wonder at your incredible role in my life. Inspirations live in our hearts forever and yours will live in mine forever.
    Love you always

  • Nancy

    What a fabulous lady.  Beautiful, talented and a humanitarian.  I’m so glad we have a place to put our thoughts to honor Amanda. Isn’t great that she selected acting as a career. She might never have touched our lives had she not. Love you Amanda.