I’m a cowboy in the hill country of California and if you had looked at me the way you looked at Matt well the story would have been mighty different.

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  • Jane

    You were one special lady.

    I wish I could have met you.

    I guess in a way I have
    through your talented work,
    your smile, your laugh, and
    your beauty inside and out.
    Maybe someday, some far

    off someday we will meet.

  • Samantha

    You left us way too soon. You would have been 83 today and maybe if you were still with us I could have met you. I wish I could have heard that bawdy laugh and seen the way your smile seemed to light up your beautiful blue eyes. Not only were you beautiful on the outside you were beautiful on the inside too. You have inspired me to be a strong woman and I shall always thank you for that. You will continue to live in all of your fans hearts and I cannot wait until I get to meet you in Heaven. But until then please smile down fondly on us and remember we love you so much.
    Love and Peace.

  • Diane

    Happy Birthday to the best role model a girl could have had! I wish you were still here to celebrate it with us.

    Love you always.

  • Rhonda

    Miss Amanda,  as a kid growing up you gave me an example of what a true Lady was like. Brilliant, strong, beautiful, fiesty, coureagous and warm hearted. The kind of person every one should want to be like but few of us achieve. Happy Birthday Amanda, God Bless your soul as you blessed ours.

  • Lucille

    “What would Miss Kitty do?”
    Have the t-shirt and wear it proudly.
    You are an inspiration to us all!

  • Thomas Daniel

    Ms. Blake,
    I proposed to you when I was 7 years old. You were patiently signing autographs for hundreds of fans and when it was my turn with my dad to meet you I blurted out my intentions. Everybody laughed but you. You looked into my eyes, winked at me, called me “Cowboy” and told me to ask you again in a few years. I am pretty sure i became a man that day. Decades later, my offer still stands.