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Are you currently legally blind since delivery or achieved it think about it later on in life?

Greer: i have already been legitimately blind since delivery. I’ve an uncommon hereditary condition called Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome. I’m perhaps perhaps not entirely blind, but my eyesight is quite poor and cannot be corrected by cups, connections, or surgery. My eyes are seriously responsive to the sun’s rays and I also have actually nystagmus, which for me personally means my eyes shake involuntarily.

Kingett: I’ve been lawfully blind my very existence but ended up being recently totally blinded by way of a sudden instance of glaucoma. We knew I’d a detached retina but had no clue We also had glaucoma me of my remaining vision in 2017 until it robbed. We additionally have cerebral stutter and palsy, therefore, obviously, this will make conference individuals in individual scarcely sufficient, communication-wise.

Rath: I’ve been lawfully blind since delivery. That means yes, I’m able to “see, ” but it is non-correctable and my vision includes a stamina where then it causes migraines if i overexhaust or overuse the little sight I have to make out things such as colors and silhouettes. Continue reading