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 We surveyed our current students to see what they wish that they had known prior to applying to USC. Right Here is really what they should say:

Mary Waller (Junior from Chicago, IL): As you freak out about small details in your essay, and have regular panic disorder as you got confused about an essay subject or a deadline, simply remember that you will be (probably) not actually insane, and that everyone else is experiencing the same thing. Attempt to keep in mind, instead, you are awesome. That is the part of you that admissions officers wish to see, and that you are? Challenge yourself to be authentic if you don’t think that you’re awesome, how in the world are you going to convince an admissions officer.

Spencer Lepow (Freshman from Houston, TX): I wish I would personally have known that the goal associated with the admissions officer is to get you IN. They are fighting for you, so assist them out by submitting a polished application that really reflects you as well as your skills.

Simone Geller (Freshman from Foothill Ranch, CA): For the many part, the students signing up to a prestigious school like USC are all going become smart with good grades and high test ratings. What is imperative to get across in the application through your essays is a clear picture of who you actually are. Speak about the things you’re passionate about, your goals for the immediate therefore the distant future, and things you aspire to do at USC if you choose to come right here Continue reading