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129.pretty woman names and their breathtaking definitions!

We have curved up over 100 baby that is pretty names and also the meaning to their rear all.

Everybody knows that a moniker is an essential part of somebody’s personality and undoubtedly, identification – therefore lots of mums decide a name that is pretty match our child’s nature and visual appearance (she gets it from her mother!)

Listed below are 129 pretty girls’ names for virtually any page of this alphabet and their meanings that are gorgeous. Now the hard part is simply choosing one. Though six names that are middle pretty standard now, right?

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Baby title publications for females

Baby Woman Names, ВЈ12.86

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129 pretty girl names and their gorgeous definitions!

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Pretty girls names beginning with A

AbigailMeaning : With Hebrew beginning, Abigail way to ‘Give Joy’

AcaciaMeaning : With Greek beginning, Acacia means ‘Guileless’ and ‘Honorable’

AimeeMeaning: a friend that is beloved French!

AlexandriaMeaning : With Greek beginning, Alexandria is really a feminine type of alexander, meaning ‘Defender of Men’

AmberMeaning : With English beginning, Amber is really a name that is jewelled through the yellowish resin found in jewelry making

AmeliaMeaning : With a mixture of origins, Amelia means ‘Industrious’ and ‘Striving’ and is frequently connected with ‘defender’

AmГ©lieMeaning : With French beginning, Amelie means ‘Hard working’

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