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Even though many Canadians marry people off their nations, often wedding is a scam to leap the immigration line.

find out about the results of wedding fraud and hear the tales of victims in this 5-minute video clip. Learn more about wedding fraudulence.

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Transcript: “Marriage fraudulence: tales from victims”

Movie size: 5:02 moments

The video clip starts with the next text written in white and diminishing on the black colored display:

Numerous Canadians marry individuals from other nations.

A 2nd phrase seems:

But often, marriage is a fraud to leap the immigration line.

The phrase “scam” is capitalized and written in red.

Both sentences fade away and the sentence that is following in:

Victims are kept ABANDONED.

Your message “ABANDONED” is written in red.

A lady starts to talk as her silhouette appears on display screen. This woman is shown through the arms or more, in minimal illumination, to make certain privacy. Her face is within the shadows, the illumination shows only her right neck.

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL 1: we came across my hubby in 2002 into the resort in Cuba that I happened to be visiting for per week. Continue reading