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‘I decided to go to a BDSM dungeon for more information about intercourse and the things I saw blew my brain’

Nadia Bokody is constantly keen to understand more info on the field of intercourse then when she got the opportunity to go behind the scenes at brothels, BDSM dungeons and much more, she jumped in the possibility. Provided it would be fair to assume that Nadia Bokody knows a lot about sex that she works as a sex columnist.

And it seems there’s still plenty more for her to learn while she has spent years writing and talking about the topic.

So she is chose to plunge in during the end that is deep set about a brand new sexual adventure, experiencing first-hand how are you affected behind the scenes when you look at the underground realm of intercourse. The 35 year old from Australia has established a six-part docuseries for YouTube, with producer Madison Max, which views her visit brothels, BDSM dungeons and intercourse events to uncover all she will concerning the stigmatised industry.

Talking with Mirror on line, Bokody teased exactly just what people can get to see inside her new show and exactly what the essential shocking experience during shooting ended up being. She said: “It recently took place for me that, regardless of all of the years i have invested speaing frankly about intercourse, i have yet to own lots of various intimate experiences, so the series concept ended up being fundamentally borne away from my attempting to set about a brand new sexual adventure and to actually discover first-hand by what continues on behind the veil associated with intercourse industry. “I’ve discovered a great deal about myself both intimately and emotionally through the entire process of filming peekshows. Continue reading