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Trailers trailers that are commercial semi-trailers weighing 4001 pounds or higher have to have a certification of Title.

The certificate of Title must be presented to sell, transfer or mortgage such trailers.

A Certificate of Title is not needed on any energy trailers that weigh 4000 pounds or less. To have permit dishes please contact any deputy registrar’s workplace.

Recreational cars All motor houses and travel trailers have to be en en titled. To market, transfer or home loan such leisure automobiles, the certification of Title needs to be presented.

Manufactured Residence who owns a manufactured home is needed to get a certification of Title. All manufactured house titles will need to have a “transfer authorized stamp” through the County Auditor’s workplace where the manufactured home is based before transferring. The transfer is completed within the exact same way as a car name.

Off Road Motorcycles and all sorts of Terrain Vehicles As of July 1, 1999, a certification of Title is required for down road motorcycles and all sorts of surface vehicles. Please call us for details about this requirement.

Utility automobiles – Golf Carts – Under-speed Vehicles – Mini Trucks The authorization to work these cars on general general public roadways has reached the discernment for the localauthority of this jurisdiction in which the car may be operated (see ORC 4511.215). Pleasecontact local police force within the town, township, town or other jurisdiction for applicablelaws. Continue reading