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Extremists Thank Trump for ISIS’ possiblity to go back to European countries

France won’t end up being the only country threatened by jihadis escaping in Syria because of Trump’s disastrous choices, however it knows plenty in regards to the individuals currently preparing brand brand new attacks.

Dana Kennedy

Picture Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Constant Beast

SWEET, France—Sir Elton John’s enormous villa that is cream-colored Mont Boron looms full of the exact distance, visible through the dingy flats with this citй, or housing project, called Bon Voyage. It’s an alternative world, as well as in the past few years, lots of young French Muslims left this spot in this town’s northeast to participate the alleged Islamic State in Syria.

This is as soon as house to Omar Diaby, whom, from their base in Syria, became the biggest recruiter of ISIS fighters in France. He quickly faked their death in Syria, it is now thought to be most importantly. Another neighborhood, 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, drove a vehicle in to a audience of 300,000 in sweet on July 14, 2016, killing 86 individuals before he died in a hail of bullets.

One young Salafist Muslim, whom I last talked to three years back and that knows French fighters from right here, was at a more mood that is jovial typical once I came across him Tuesday at a kebab joint in Los Angeles Trinitй, 1 of 2 major Muslim enclaves with this town’s outskirts.

Bachir is smiling. Why? Because by way of U.S. President Donald Trump pulling troops away from northeast Syria, French ISIS fighters, captured in modern times by Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in north Syria, are considered escaping their captors—and rejoining their previous comrades with what could mean a renaissance when it comes to Islamic that is once mighty State. Continue reading