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Cut to John Rickman kind individual with cap which he raises. You can find white rails behind him which can be a racecourse

Rickman (Michael) : Good afternoon and thank you for visiting Wife-Swapping from Redcar. And also the big news this afternoon is the fact that Uk child Boris Rogers has succeeded in swapping his nine-stone Welsh-born spouse for a Ford Popular and a total group of Dickens. Well now, I am able to see they are prepared from the beginning so allow’s review now for the start of the 3.30.

(Cut to shot that is high of road with about 10 houses for each part.)

Rickman: And first let us meet up with the news that is latest regarding the wagering.

CAPTION: No. 12 Betty Parkinson 7/4 on fav No. 27 Mrs E. Colyer 9/4 No. 14 Mrs Casey 4/1 5/1 club

Voice Over (Eric Idle) : quantity 12 Betty Parkinson 7 to 4 on favourite, quantity 27 Mrs Colyer 9 to 4, 5 to at least one club those.

Rickman: And listed here is the beginner Mrs Alec Marsh, (she climbs onto a rostrum and fires a gun) and so they’re down.

(one of many doorways opens and a girl rushes next door into another household. Other doorways begin setting up and down the road, with ladies criss-crossing out of every other’s homes. Continue reading