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Money Isn’t Every Thing: Spouses’ Earnings and Housework Time.

Margaret Gough

The autonomy viewpoint of housework time predicts that wives’ housework time falls steadily because their earnings rise, because spoutilizes use extra money to outsource or forego amount of time in housework. We argue, but, that spouses’ ability to cut back their housework varies by home task. This is certainly, we anticipate that increases in wives’ earnings will enable them to forego or outsource some tasks, not other people. Because of this, we hypothesize faster decreases in spouses’ housework time for low-earning spouses as their profits enhance compared to high-earning spouses who possess already stopped doing home tasks that would be the simplest and cheapest to outsource or forego. Making use of fixed-effects models and data through the Panel learn of Income Dynamics, we find considerable help for the theory. We further conclude that previous evidence that spouses who out-earn their husbands invest more hours in housework to pay for his or her gender-deviant success when you look at the work marketplace is as a result of failure to account fully for the relationship that is non-linear wives’ absolute earnings and their housework time.

1. Introduction

Among married people, spouses perform nearly all household work even though both partners work complete time (Kamo 1988) as soon as wives make up to their husbands (Evertsson and Nermo 2007). Continue reading