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I am 43 yrs old. My spouse and I have now been together for seventeen years. Recently I recognized that we identify as male. I’ve very very long presented physically as a female that is genderqueer. He revealed that he is not attracted to males when I explained my feelings to my cis male partner. He will not mind or even prefers a female that is genderqueer-presenting but he informs me the “physique” should be feminine. There has been exchanges that are emotional us about that. You want to remain together but my presentation that is physical has a concern. The important thing being that i do want to be actually male. He’s warned me personally if I become physically male that he will no longer feel attracted to me sexually. We’d be just loving coparents and good friends in place of loving coparents and intimate lovers. I’ve difficulty thinking that anybody genuinely could possibly be entirely drawn to just one single physical presentation kind societal pressure that is absent.

He’s less adventurous regarding intercourse than me personally and appears to have not as of a sexual interest than me personally also. But as a result of my increased feelings of confidence and well-being, we have been having more intercourse now than in the past. He generally seems to love this particular. But If only he’d start as much as more choices than “cis hetero vanilla” sex. I’ve currently emerge to him being a trans homosexual guy noticed that the two—the quantity of intercourse we are having together with fact myself to be a gay man—are interlinked that I now know. Continue reading