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Do Females Stop Making Love After Age 65?

Some time ago, within my annual well visit that is woman my gynecologist asked me personally if I became sexually active. We informed her I became, and yes, i needed A std that is routine check. After which she informed me personally that I would personallyn’t need to worry about those for way too much longer because best ukrainian brides, “women stop sex that is having 65.”

We blinked. We couldn’t quite simply simply take in just what she stated.

“Sixty-five?” we repeated. The terms “that’s just 13 more years!” flashed in my own mind like a light that is strobe.

“Sixty-five or 70 is normally whenever women stop sex that is having” she nodded with assurance.

“But exactly just exactly what if we don’t desire to stop making love when I’m 65?” we asked.

She stared at me personally for a second, just as if this is the very first time any patient had said such a thing. Continue reading