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Age in the beginning wedding – Median age in years whenever females many years 15 to 49 very first married or lived with a partner that is consensual.

This indicator is calculated as:

(wide range of ladies (within particular age bracket category) who’ve married / quantity of ladies of all of the statuses that are marital x 100

Calculations are carried out within the steps that are followingsee MACRO/DHS, 2011):

  1. Age in the beginning wedding or first union is determined because the distinction between date whenever girl started coping with very first spouse or consensual partner and date of delivery of girl in finished solitary years.
  2. The numerators would be the quantity of ladies within solitary 12 months of age categories who’ve hitched or lived in a consensual union.
  3. The denominator could be the wide range of females of all of the marital statuses.
  4. Numerators for every age category are split by the age that is corresponding denominator and multiplied by 100 to have percentages.
  5. When the percentages have now been determined within specific age bracket groups, medians are calculated through the cumulated solitary 12 months of age % distributions for the many years women were first hitched. The median is linearly interpolated between your age values through which 50 % or even more associated with females had been first lived or married in consensual union.

The graph would show for example, if 10% of 17 year olds sampled were already married, 30% of 18 year olds, 41% of 19 year olds, and 62% of 20 year olds

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