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Bedford university had been launched in 1849 by Elizabeth Jesser Reid.

Administrative / Biographical History

It took its title from the very first house, No. 47 Bedford Square in London’s Bloomsbury, and despite successive techniques the title did not modification. It had been constantly thought that the organization was a lot more than the name. Elizabeth Reid, child of William Sturch, a Unitarian businessman, had been widowed in the very early chronilogical age of 32 and left with sufficient cash to patronise various philanthropic reasons.

As handful of her documents have actually survived it isn’t feasible to express with precision just just what prompted Mrs Reid to receive Bedford university however it is clear that two facets had been crucial. One had been the impact of her group of well-educated friends, the other had been the limitation of her very own education. Following the loss of her moms and dads she and her sis Mary, relocated within their house in York Terrace, Regents’ Park and collected together team which included Jane Martineau, Anna Swanwick, Augustus de Morgan and Henry Crabbe Robinson. Continue reading