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It is very easy to be seduced by Sunny Drakeis no Strings (connected): review

No Strings (Attached)

Written and performed by Sunny Drake, directed by Gein Wong. Until March 26 at Buddies in Bad circumstances, 12 Alexander St. Buddiesinbadtimes and

Before you enter Buddies in Bad Times’ Cabaret Space, an usher lovingly hands that you flower. But just as you’re through the doorway, another usher confiscates it and fingers that you button that says, “1 Min Romance Sober.”

This is basically the setup to Sunny Drake’s show that is one-man dating and closeness in queer and trans communities. The piece happens when you look at the fictional framework of a “Romance-aholics” conference, with Drake playing Jimmy, a filmmaker and activist torn between their modern politics and their dependence on conventional love tales. He addresses the audience as other Romance-aholics, telling us tales of their previous relationships and getting together with video variations of himself.

The style at first comes down as a little cutesy, but this is certainly quickly cut through by the cleverness for the writing and of Gein Wong’s direction, and also by the adult that is no-holds-barred associated with content. In a few minutes, Drake as Jimmy is miming very gymnastic intimate roles while presenting himself towards the market being an “Effeminate-Queer-Pansy-NonMonogamous-SparklyPrincess-SomewhatSluttyKinky-Transsexual-Man.”

Through the entire show Jimmy narrates his find it difficult to navigate the crazy West of today’s scene that is dating. A number of the challenges he faces are specific to their identification as trans: he defines exactly exactly what he calls “the Craigslist meltdown,” when someone he meets online can’t handle the disconnect between his male sex presentation and their genitalia, that are nevertheless fundamentally feminine (though Jimmy, because . Continue reading