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Love versus fear in mono / poly relationships

We’ve been seen each other for just one 12 months (we reside in various countries) and despite my fear, we link at all levels, physically, mentally, spiritually.

He enriches my life we have a very good level of communication as I enrich his, and. I understand the love between us is quite strong, otherwise I would personallyn’t be still right here.

He has got been extremely truthful with me, and told me through the beguinning he could be poly, but since we came across, he has got never ever been with an other woman.

We am extremely frightened of being hurt, of hearing him say he would like to be with someone else. He could be maybe not taking care of having intimate lovers but people he links with emotionally and I also have always been fearing the way I will feel, since this feels as though a hazard for me personally in a relationship that thus far is extremely valuable. Continue reading