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If you need a specialist memory checker then we’d give it a try, but if you have any issues then MemTest86 is also worth a look. The original MemTest86 is now managed by PassMark Software, and it’s seen significant improvements over the past year (UEFI support, native 64-bit code, logging to disk, and more). But it’s also no longer open source, and the company are developing a Pro Edition with extra features. If you see anything else, it might be time to replace your RAM or at the very least contact your machines manufacturer for more help. If your computer is suffering from memory problems then you should check your RAM sticks for dirt. Hence, it is a good idea to clean your RAM every once in a while.

If the problem still persists, then you should take professional help. In such cases, it is always good to take professional help. If you have two memory sticks, then you can take out one stick of RAM at a time. If your computer is working properly, then one of your RAM stick is not working properly. If your windows computer is freezing for minutes at a time, then your system might be facing RAM problems.

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You can leave the computer alone and come back later to see the results. MemTest86+isn’t updated nearly as often, but it did see a major new release last year, is still GPL-licensed, and remains a very capable tool which should detect the vast majority of RAM problems.

How to Check RAM for Errors in Windows

The following files are a good place to scan through for any errors related to memory. This will both install memtest86+ and run the initial setup to add it to the boot options in grub. When you are ready to run the test, reboot the machine and look for the Memtest86+ option on the grub boot option list. When you run the Check Disk Error-Checking tool, it will perform a scan of your disk drive for any problems. Here’s how to use the error checking tool within Windows to fix PC problems. If you have errors that Windows is struggling to fix, you will want to look at the best PC repair software to fix stubbornsystem problems. Plus it will give you the best speed results possible with perfect stability.

Pick Your Language

It may take even 3-4 minutes to open a browser like Chrome. Thus, first, you should check your computers with antivirus.

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If you see anything else, it is the time to replace your RAM. If you installed a new RAM and you think it should not faulty still you are seeing errors, it is also possible that the RAM isn’t compatible with your motherboard for some reason. When the machine restarts, the tool will launch and run the memory test. This may take several minutes and you see a progress bar indicating the progress.

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