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Allow me to inform about breakdown of the Current Study

The current research included a systematic analysis associated with language utilized by grownups of various many years into the text of online dating sites pages. We used the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) pc computer software, which determines the percentage of terms suitable various categories that are linguistic a test of text ( Pennebaker, Booth, & Francis, 2007). Data from internet dating pages offered a environmentally legitimate solution to examine age variations in self-presentations.

We additionally considered geographical location and cultural distinctions. To examine a sample that is national of pages, we received examples from five major urban centers (encompassing urban, residential district, and rural outlying areas) from throughout the usa. Prior research has perhaps maybe maybe not addressed geographical or cultural variations in dating motivations, however they had been considered when you look at the study that is current.

To sum up, we expected listed here patterns age that is regarding in online pages. Compared to more youthful grownups, older grownups use a greater percentage of terms when you look at the following categories: first-person plural pronouns, family members, buddies, wellness, and emotion that is positive. Continue reading