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You’re Screwed If You Wait Too very Long to Take Plan B

Well, 75 % screwed.

The situation: Your friend calls you in a panic. She and her partner possessed a slip up: Things got heavy and hot, condoms are not within the mix, and bae thought their pull-out game had been strong. (it absolutely was perhaps maybe not.) With fear inside her heart and semen dripping down her leg, your buddy asks exactly what she needs to do to ensure this woman isn’t expecting. You tell her to get Arrange B, an urgent situation contraception she can grab at the drugstore. You are told by her you are a genius. But she demonstrably is not since when you check up on her two times later on, she’sn’t gotten the tablet yet.

“Don’t worry,” she says. “we heard Arrange B works for love, five times.” You are confident it requires to be used within 3 days, plus you cannot assist but wonder: does it not get less efficient with every moving hour?

How It Operates: Arrange B One Action, a.k.a. “the morning-after tablet,” is a medication that is hormonal levonorgestrel, and it is perhaps among the best known types of crisis contraception available. It isn’t magic, however. “Essentially, using levonorgestrel helps make the human anatomy believe it is expecting already, and so it willn’t launch an egg from the ovary. Continue reading