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The Way I Pissed Off A Lot Of Asian Ladies On The Net

“That’s simply because they wish to have breathtaking blended infants.”

what exactly is so gorgeous about this? at the conclusion the child will mature and still look asian wtf?

We dunno if someone else talked about this (I scrolled down after 3-4 reactions) but perhaps that 19% CHOSE not to ever get hitched. Do you realize just just exactly how ridiculous laws that are american with regards to marriage whenever your the guy? A female may take a guy for half he’s got/earning even though they’re strictly platonic roommates, not to mention during a divorce or separation.

Anybody who freely will not date in their own personal race is really a self hating person and make contradictory to yourself and also to your loved ones.

Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.) are countries essentially full of hapas — Slavic women had kids from Mongol guys once the Mongols invaded. We don’t see women rushing down to cart away these folks as “Beautiful”. The entire hapa thing is simply a veneer — the real advantage in AF/WM is all that white privilege and social standing boost you get for dating white. Western hegemony, fundamentally.

I’m a guy that is american-asian my father is white and my mother is Asian. I was raised in america and had a fairly childhood that is normal. Continue reading