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The imposing Judahite fortress of Khirbet Qeiyafa happens to be firmly dated by pottery and radiocarbon analysis

into the very very early century that is tenth and also the reign of King David. Up against a night out together for Qeiyafa that confirms the standard high chronology that is bible the reduced chronology “minimalists” now desperately argue that Qeiyafa had been a Philistine fort associated with the kingdom of Gath, not just a edge fortress for the very very very early Judahite state. But archaeology claims otherwise.

There’s been a complete lot of debate round the problem of Bible chronology, which more specifically pertains to the era associated with reigns of David and Solomon. Did they are now living in the period that is archaeological as Iron Age we, which will be archaeologically badly documented, or perhaps in Iron Age IIa, for which more proof can be obtained. Proponents of low Bible chronology, called minimalists, claim the change occurred around 920 to 900 B.C. Continue reading