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Irrigators lobby for govt drought loans

Irrigators lobby for govt drought loans

New Delhi: Indian irrigators now lobby the government on drought loans, in order to increase the market share of their industry from 11.6% at the end of last year to 17.8% during the next three years.

This, under the proposed Centre-Govt droughts program, under which each Indian government would receive a government loan equivalent to three times the area of the most drought prone area, was approved by the government for its 7.6 crore farmers.

Under the proposal, the gov바카라사이트ernment will have to provide drought relief in accordance with the National Food Security Targets (NFSTs), i.e. the National Food Security Act and the National Target Pro바카라사이트gramme for Agriculture, Food and Feed (NTFGFA).

The proposal will also put the government in the position of accepting drought relief on a case-by-case basis.

India has one of the highest per capita water demands in the world. It consumes almost nine times more water than it uses in per capita GDP of India.

As per an estimation by the World Bank, India, by 2025, could have a per capita water shortfall of over 4.5 billion acre-feet, equivalent to 935,000 kilometers (613 miles) — less than one-fourth of its current population of 23.4 million.

The g바카라사이트overnment’s budget also proposes to give an additional 3.5 billion acre-feet subsidy to the sugar industry for the next year.

To meet such demand for irrigation, one out of four million farmers are already under pressure, and only some 12% are in a position to generate a profit.

The proposed drought relief scheme aims to bring about a 40% decrease in per capita water use in the state by 2015.