Amanda Blake is an American actress most known for her portrayal of the ravishing redhead Miss Kitty on Television’s longest running series, Gunsmoke. While so many love her and know her as only this character, Amanda’s talent graced both stage and screen in numerous productions.

Born Beverly Louise Neill in Buffalo, New York and known for most of her young life by the nickname “Barrie”. Once she began acting professionally, her nickname was changed to “The young Greer Garson” because of her striking resemblance to the famous Hollywood star. Besides Gunsmoke, Amanda appeared on a litany of television programs including Red Skelton, Hollywood Squares and Match Game.order research paper do my homework for me

Beyond acting, Amanda Blake’s passion for animal welfare is inspirational. She was instrumental in the founding of The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) that operates as a sanctuary for wild animals that have been rescued from performing animal trades. The Amanda Blake Memorial Wildlife Refuge lives on in Amanda’s honor.
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After being stricken with oral cancer in 1977 and undergoing surgery that would put that cancer in to remission, Amanda succumbed to a separate condition and passed away in August of 1989.

Amanda Blake wasn’t an ordinary woman. She had a spark and a personality that shone through the characters she portrayed. She was philanthropic and passionate about helping others in need and she had a joy for life that was intoxicating.

This website was created out of love for a woman who defied odds, overcame life-threatening hurtles and still gave everything she had to helping others. Through her character, Miss Kitty, she taught us to defy odds, to stand up to the bullies and to do it all with grace and dignity.

We pay tribute to Amanda with this website and aim to keep her memory alive so that generations to come will remember and appreciate Miss Amanda Blake.