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Large floor plate “B” buildings continue to suffer vacancies due to lack of flexibility while smaller floor “B” buildings, adaptable to subdivision, have gained. Large “A” buildings continue to be leased, but without replacement are becoming scarce. Space is tight in the Route 287 and Route 78 area and this shortage will not be corrected for several years due to lack of appropriate land and a long permitting process.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Made a strong run that made it a one point game in the final 14 seconds.”Hougen’s squad fought through the pressure to convert two final free throws and held off a final Warriors push to claim gold.”I was extremely proud of the guys for holding off for the win after completely losing the momentum in the final minutes,”Hougen said.”We had an unbelievable season, going undefeated in the Yukon. We really grew as a team as the season went on.”Siosan and Josh Tobias battled through injuries to play in the fast paced final.While Carino took home MVPhonours, first all stars included Hermosa, Valdez, Siosan, Noah Kitchen (Vanier) and Zach Giczi (Vanier B). Collins jump out to a commanding lead over the Crusaders.”We were able to sustain and increase our lead through tenacious defence and a strong fast break,” said Warriors coach Tyler Bradford.The Warriors were led by the scoring trifecta of Nguyan, Galina Roots (16 points) and Jacy Sam (15 points) wholesale nfl jerseys.